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"Are you almost ready?" Changmin asked as he put on his leather jacket.  Both of you were planning to go out since this was your only free day that you both had off at the same time.   He’s been busy in Japan touring, and you being a successful CF and print ad model, you both barely had any time for each other.   You wanted to do something fun besides the regular dinner and a movie, so you decided to go out dancing and have a few drinks.   "What’s that babe?"  You said while trying to find your other heel.   "Shit!  Where did it go?! I just had it!" you said while on all fours looking under the bed.   "You mean this?"  Changmin said while holding your heel by the finger and leaning against the doorway.   "Omg, where did you…" you stood up relieved as you took the shoe from his finger and slipped it on.   He crossed his arms and raised one eyebrow while looking at your chest.   "Does your dress have to be that low-cut? 

You looked down at your chest.   “What?  It’s sexy isn’t it?” You said with innocent puppy eyes.   He walked over to you and grabbed you by the hips while looking down at your chest.   “Yes it is..” he said in a low voice.   “But..I don’t want any assholes to be staring at you” he said while leaning down and kissing your neck.   You threw your head back and ran your fingers through his hair.   “I just don’t want..” he began to say as his kisses moved lower to the swell of your breast.  “..any guys hitting on you” he finished.   He pulled away to look at your face.  He had a seriousness in his eyes.   You gently cupped the side of his face.   His long hair dangled in front of one of his eyes.  “And I don’t want any girls hitting on you either” you said as you moved the hair that was hanging down.   He looked to the side and looked back at you with a crooked half smile.   “And exactly what will you do if someone does come onto me?” He said as a matter of factly.   You raised your eyebrows.  “I’ll beat the shit out of her.” You simply said.   He laughed and threw one arm around your shoulder as if you were old pals.   “Let’s go.” He said as you both walked to the door.  You grabbed your blazer that was on the couch and you both headed out.

20 minutes later you arrived at the club which was a popular hot spot for celebs.   The music was blasting and everyone was out on the dance floor having a good time.   Changmin held onto your hand as you both made your way to the bar.   You took off your blazer and both had a shot before heading out to the dance floor.   The music then changed to a steady sensual beat.   Changmin moved behind you and you both danced against each other.  Both of his hands were on your hips while his face was looking down into your shoulder.   Your hand holding onto the back of his neck.   As the song was ending, Changmin’s phone vibrated in his pants.   He quickly checked to see who it was.  “_______-ah, it’s my manager.   He needs me to confirm something for my flight tomorrow for Japan” he said regretfully.   “I have to call him back.” he said as you nodded and watched him make his way through the crowd.   You walked back to the bar and ordered yourself a cocktail.

“I got this one hyung.” some guy said to the bartender.   “Put it on my tab.” he said while moving next to you.   You turned to look at the guy who was clearly staring at you.  “That’s unnecessary.  But thanks anyway” you said to the stranger.  “I got it.” You told the bartender.  Who the hell is this guy  You thought to yourself while looking the other way.   You were clearly disgusted by his attempt to buy you a drink.   It must’ve been his arrogant douche-bag looks and the way his eyes would stare you down like you were some prize to be won.   “Come on baby.. you’re not even gonna give me a chance?” He said while trying to move closer to you.  “Excuse me?  Who are you calling baby?” You were already getting annoyed.   “You of course, you sweet thang.  Don’t tell me you’re here by yourself… lookin all sexy…” You started to walk away until the douche bag grabbed your arm.   “Get your hands off of me.” You said sternly.   The guy didn’t listen and pulled you close until you heard someone behind you say “I suggest you listen to the lady.”  You turned around expecting to see Changmin but instead it was Yunho.   “Yunho?”  You said in shock.  You didn’t know he came.   “And who the fuck are you??” he said while trying to get in Yunho’s face.  “She’s with me.  So I suggest you turn around and walk away.”  Yunho said.  The guy was about to lift his hand to Yunho but Yunho got it and twisted it around slowly in the most calm and effortless manner.  The douche bag was almost to the floor until he got up and scurried away.  You turned to Yunho and threw your arms around him.  “Omg, thank you” you said while hugging him.  “No problem..”  he said while hugging you tightly.

The relationship you had with Yunho was clearly on the friendship level even though Changmin would sometimes get slightly jealous if you and Yunho were hanging out.  He trusted his hyung and he knew he would never do anything to hurt him.  He just felt insecure at times.   “Wanna dance?” Yunho asked while holding out his hand.  “Sure” you said with a smile.  The music was blasting so loud this time.   Playing was Chris Brown’s “Turn up the Music.”  You whipped your hair left and right while laughing and holding onto Yunho’s hands.  Both of you being goofy and crazy.   “Where did Changmin go?!”  Yunho tried to yell over the music.   “What?!” You yelled back.  “I said… where did Changmin go?!” He yelled again.  “I can’t understand you!” You shouted while laughing.  Yunho then leaned down next to your ear and repeated himself.   People around you were dancing crazy and bumping into you which caused Yunho’s mouth to crash into your neck.  You grabbed a hold of his head so you wouldn’t fall back.   He pulled away slowly and you both started laughing.  Your laughing came to halt when you saw Changmin standing there motionless with anger in his eyes.   He walked up to Yunho and pushed him in the chest.  “How could you?!” Changmin yelled.  Yunho was in disbelief.  “What are you talking about?!” Yunho said back.  You stood there motionless trying to figure out what was going on.   “Changmin… calm down.  Nothing happened!”  You yelled.   He looked at you for a second then back to Yunho.   “You would really think I would take your girlfriend away from you?!  Is that the person you think I am?!  You would really think I would do that to you?!”  Yunho yelled.   He was clearly hurt that Changmin would think he would do such a thing.   Changmin started walking backwards while looking at the both of you who were in shock at the situation.  “Don’t talk to me.”  He said as he turned around and stormed out of the club.   You couldn’t believe what just happened.  You were angry and in a rage.  You wanted nothing but to slap the shit out of Changmin for assuming such absurd things.   He didn’t even give you the chance to explain.

You and Yunho ran out of the club and found Changmin’s car speeding off.   “That bastard!” You yelled into the night air.  Yunho sighed and offered to take you home.  “Oh hell no.  I am going to give him a piece of my mind.  You don’t deserve that Yunho.”  You said as you both walked to Yunho’s car.   The whole drive you both were quiet.   You wanted to save all your energy for Changmin.  You wanted him to know how angry you were for him being so judgmental and assuming nonsense things.   Yunho dropped you off and said he was going to meet up with some friends at a nearby cafe.   “Don’t kill him.”  Yunho said with a weak smile.   He knew he had to be the bigger person and be mature about the situation.  Him being Changmin’s hyung and all, he knew what he had to do.

You went up the elevator and stormed through the hallway and finally stood in front of his door.   Your rang the doorbell repeatedly.  When he didn’t answer you banged loudly on it.   Changmin stood behind the door with his arms crossed.   “SHIM CHANGMIN YOU BETTER OPEN UP YOUR FUCKING DOOR!”  You yelled while pounding loudly.   Changmin gritted his teeth.  Does she really have to be that loud?!” He said to himself.  He finally gave in and opened the door.  You stormed through it pushing your hand against his chest.  “Who the fuck do you think you are?!” you yelled as he stood with his eyebrows crunched.   “HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME AND YUNHO OF DOING SOMETHING THAT WE DIDN’T EVEN DO!” You were so angry you felt like steam was coming out of your ears.   “I CLEARLY saw the both of you on the dance floor!  He was all over you!  And there you were laughing about it!” Changmin said while turning around to walk away.   You quickly walked in front of him to block him.  “Don’t even walk away from me!  Yunho is hurt that you would even think that about him!  Are you not thinking Changmin?!  Why do you have to be so damn jealous all the time?!”  “Me… jealous?!” Changmin yelled back.  He started moving towards you causing you to back into the wall.  Your hands holding onto the wall that was behind you.   You both were breathing hard.  Your chest was rising up and down and Changmin seemed to take notice of it.  He looked down at your chest then at your eyes which were filled with anger.   “I hope you know, when you went to take your call, some douche bag guy tried to hit on me and buy me a drink! I tried to get him to leave me alone but Yunho came and helped me out!  Where were YOU HUH?!” You shouted, still breathing in and out.

Changmin looked into your eyes for a few seconds before smashing his lips against yours.    You tried to push him off.   “What the hell are you doing?!  You’re crazy!”  You yelled while making your way to the door.  But instead, you felt him grab you from behind.  You screamed at the sudden attack.  “I want you right now.” He said through gritted teeth into your ear from behind.  You fell forward onto the nearest table, Changmin was still behind you with his hands on your hips.   You were starting to get turned on by his sudden urgency.  You spread your legs as he begin to lift your skirt up exposing your thong and bare backside.  You moaned as his hands trailed up your thighs.   You were still bent over as he got down and started kissing up your legs.   He slowly removed your thong and began feeling you upwards.  He stood back up and began to rub you from behind causing you to collapse on the table, moaning like crazy.  You heard him remove his jacket and his shirt.  You managed to stand up and turn around.  You grabbed the back of his neck and forcefully kissed him.  Your tongues intertwining and sucking on each other.   You wrapped your legs around his waist as you sat on the table.  He kissed your neck and shoulder, pushing the straps of your dress down exposing your breasts.   You leaned back down on the table as his mouth devoured your chest.  You were panting as his mouth latched onto your breast and began sucking on it.   He then pulled your dress completely off leaving you laying naked on the table.   He stood there looking down at your beautiful goddess like body writhing on the kitchen table, yearning for him to take you over the edge.   He went into the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of honey.   You watched him as he spread it all over your breasts and lower region.    You shivered at the cold contact of the honey on your womanhood.   He put the bottle down and began to lick all over your breasts.  He then made his way to your lower region.   “Changmin..” you panted.  “Put your mouth on me!” You managed to say.   He lowered his head and his tongue made its way in between your folds.  You moaned one loud sultry moan.  Your pussy was engulfed by Changmin’s mouth.  His teeth biting down gently as if he were eating something delicious, which he was.   You sat back up and unbuttoned Changmin’s pants.  His hard shaft wanting to get out.  He pulled his pants off completely.   He turned you around and you bent over the table spreading your legs.  You held onto the edges as he moved closer to you.  His hardness first pressing into your ass.   He shifted and made his way inside of you.  You moaned at the sudden fulfillment.   He fucked you from behind at a steady pace, grunting each time he thrusted.  You leaned helpless on the table, your nipples rubbing against the cold surface of the table.   His hands let go of your hips and cupped your breasts and began to massage them.   You stood up and leaned back against him in pleasure.   One of his hands on your breasts and one holding onto your throat.   “There’s no one but you…” you breathlessly said to Changmin as his hands still held your throat.   The gesture of him holding you like this drove you crazy.   “No one…” Changmin whispered into your ear.   He let go of your throat and you pushed him onto the table.   His whole body completely laid flat on the surface.  You crawled on top of him but turned around so that you were in 69 position.  You lowered yourself onto his face and felt his hot breath against your pussy.   His shaft was inches from your face.  You grabbed a hold of it and licked it up and down before putting it in your mouth and sucking on it.   As you sucked on his member, he licked you and sucked on your clit causing both of you to moan against each other.   He inserted two fingers inside of you and began pumping them in and out of you.  You panted as you felt your orgasm come.  You whimpered against his dick and sucked it even harder.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” an airy moan escaped his lips.   Suddenly you heard the doorbell ring.  You both were too weak to be startled.   “Changmin-ah!” You both heard Yunho’s voice.   “Hyung… come back later!” Changmin yelled.  You turned around so that you were face to face.   “I’m sorry baby…” Changmin said while moving the hair from your eyes.   “You’re the only one for me, Min.  I love you.”  You said while kissing him on the lips.   He picked you up and you both made your way to the bedroom so you could continue what you were doing in the kitchen.  

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